HP Touchpad

Tablet PCs are certainly taking over here in 2011, with the iPad, the Blackberry playbook and others all fighting for pole position. Well, here’s HP’s latest offering, the HP touchpad. HP aficionados will be chomping at the bit to get their new touchpad HP, but why should you care?

For a start, the HP touchpad comes equipped with Web OS 3.0,  and as well as that, the touchpad has a dual core Snapdragon processor. The touchpad also has the ability to share information with compatible devices; the touchpad does this by using a new Bluetooth-inspired technology exclusive to HP. So, you see the touchpad is more than just the late kid to a party already in full swing.

Its here and its cheap! HP Touchpads are going going ....

There’s everything to play for in the early stages of the tablet PC wars, but does the HP touchpad have what it takes to win? Well yes, the touchpad does indeed. In spades. The HP touchpad is fitted with a great screen, which is in turn capable of great resolution. Even better is that by the time you read this, there will be a wireless HP touchpad which you may find even more useful.

So, with its touchscreen, array of goodies and features (too many to mention here) the touchpad is very promising indeed. You can see for yourself why computer users are so excited about the touchpad.

So, having heard the HP touchpad sales pitch, why not have a look around and see if you’re ready for the touchpad, a top of the line, portable experience in personal computing.

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